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The investigation of the county Party committee secretary Chen Pingfu near the Lake Street

On the afternoon of October 30th, Chen Ping, the party secretary of the county Party committee, led the responsible comrades of the relevant departments to investigate the streets near Lake. Zhang Lianguo, deputy secretary of the county Party committee and chairman of the county CPPCC Committee, took part in the investigation.
Secretary Chen and his colleagues inspected Jiangsu Huaxiang machinery manufacturing company, special machinery Co., Ltd., Dongyang Machinery Co., Ltd. and the East factory area of Ke Sheng group. Every place, Chen secretary and company leaders are cordial exchanges, detailed understanding of the production and operation of enterprises, and put forward relevant requirements.
Jiangsu Huaxiang machinery manufacturing company is a backbone enterprise near Lake Street. In 2013, the company, in cooperation with the Korean Asia KSB Co., Ltd., has a new high scientific and technological breakup hammer project, and some of the equipment has been put into use. Secretary Chen appreciated the company's efforts to increase investment in technological transformation and readjust its product mix. He encouraged enterprises to further strengthen the training of professional and technical personnel, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, expand the high-end market at home and abroad with high quality products, and continue to expand the market share.