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The world's largest steel "hibiscus flower petal" capping design difficulty exceeds bird nest

The steel structure of the Grand Theatre of the Changsha Sihu International Center for culture and art was sealed in September 20th. At present, the steel structure of the Art Center has been completed. The construction of the curtain wall, mechanical and mechanical and stage machinery is being carried out. " Liu Rangping, deputy general manager of the project management department of Changsha Mei Sihu international cultural and Art Center, told reporters yesterday that the world's largest steel "Hibiscus petals" had been first grown.
As the key construction project in Hunan and Changsha, the Mei Sihu international cultural and Art Center is located in the building of a first-class, national leading, largest and most fully functional elegant cultural and artistic palace in Hunan, with a total area of 100 thousand square meters, carefully designed by Zaha Hadid, a world renowned British designer.
It is reported that by the end of this year, the Sihu international cultural and Art Center will be able to seal the top of the main structure, and it will be put into operation in 2016, when the public can enjoy the first class cultural and artistic feast at the door. The combination of the +3 million square meters Gallery of the 1800 big theater +500 theatre is a precedent in the country. After the completion of the construction, it will integrate large songs and dance dramas, Symphony art performances, art exhibitions, exchanges and training, and is expected to receive millions of people in the year. The big theatre can meet the needs of large operas, musicals, ballet plays, symphonies, stage plays and large variety performances. The stage of the small theatre can set up various stage patterns and change space quickly to meet the needs of various small performances such as quyi, drama, T clothes and show, news distribution, and various conferences. The Museum of art is divided into four floors and a total of eight exhibition halls. It can hold exhibitions of all kinds of ancient, contemporary and contemporary art at home and abroad.